About Us

At Omega, we value our heritage as a company built from the passion to create products that serve our customers well. As a result, our products are backed by industry-leading warranties covering both internal and external functional parts, ensuring your investment in our product is protected. We also aim to offer great customer service and support to our customers with any queries or challenges they face with our products.

Our History

Omega Juicers was originally created as Olympic Products by our founder and progenitor, Robert Leo. Prior to setting up Olympic, Mr Leo spent over 20 years at the helm of another juicing company, listening to consumers and crafting a product concept that delivered upon clients needs. Armed with a clear vision, he poured his passion and formed his own, innovative company, which was later renamed to Omega Products Inc in 1987.

Since our conception, Omega has developed juicers in a range of styles for many different purposes. Over time we have produced citrus, centrifugal, and many forms of masticating juicers, each with innovative flair to stand out from the crowd