Omega 8008 Nutrition Centre Slow Juicer


The Omega 8008 is the latest member of the 8000 series family and it has been released as a direct upgrade to the highly popular 8006. As expected, it maintains all the perks of its predecessor and improves on it where possible. As a result, the 8008 now benefits from a pressure adjusting nozzle and an inbuilt scoop handle while still providing the same excellent performance, build quality and versatility we’ve grown used to.

Refined Components

A big advantage for the 8008 comes in the form of well built juicing parts. Many of the parts have been redesigned slightly over the 8006 and are produced from higher-quality plastics such as Tritan and GE Ultem, making them even more durable under the pressure of juicing.

Versatile Functions

As with a majority of horizontal style juicers, the 8008 is capable of more than just juicing thanks to the inclusion of a homogenising blank and 5 different nozzles. The blank is used in place of the usual juicing screen and allows the 8008 to act as a food mixer, mincer and grinder. When combined with the variety of nozzles available this allows for the production of many foods including sorbets, nut butter, pasta, ground coffee and even minced meat.

Pressure Adjustment

As would be expected, the 8008 produces a great juice yield thanks to its well developed juicing mechanism and parts. However, it also benefits from 5 variable pressure levels that can be set through a nozzle on the end cap. These levels allow ingredients to be put under more pressure as it is juiced, ensuring that optimal yields are extracted from different ingredient types.

Low pressure is ideal for use with softer ingredients and high pressure is useful to get the most out of really tough ingredients such as leafy greens like kale, spinach etc.

*Please note that the packaging may state 8228 with the 2 representing that it is 220v which is suitable for use in the UK and Europe. Apart from that, this is the same as the 8008 in every way.

Juicer Video


Model NameJ8228
Dimensions16.5 cm (D) x 36.8 cm (W) x 39.4 cm (H)
Speed80 RPM
Voltage220 - 240 V
Wattage200 W
Weight6.0 kg
Domestic Warranty15 Years