Omega CUBE300 Juice Cube Slow Juicer


The Omega Juice Cube is internally a standard horizontal masticating juicer. However, externally, it is the definition of a unique juicer. Its attractive design has been the focus of most manufacturers in recent years, but the Juice Cube instead markets itself towards practicality, with a design that allows it to act as its own storage box. This design isn’t just useful though, it’s fun and while it may not feel like something from outer space its style has an enjoyable, slightly rustic feel to it. This juicer isn’t all about the design though, it also has good performance, able to produce a solid yield, especially when working with leafy greens and hard vegetables.

Modular Design

It’s quite easy to see that the main talking point of this juicer is its design. The Cubes main party trick is being able to act as its own storage box. The modular design of this juicer is superior to all other current storage options and provides an effective way to keep all parts and accessories in one place. When fully closed it becomes a sleek cube that is very understated, allowing it to blend into the background.

Versatile Functionality

This device comes with a collection of homogenising accessories. This includes a homogenising blank to be used in place of the juicing screen and a selection of nozzles. These accessories allow this juicer to produce a range of different foodstuffs, including sorbets, nut butter, baby food and pasta.

Solid Juicing Performance

The performance of this device can easily be compared to one of the most popular juicers in the world, the Omega 8004/6. It produces a high yield thanks to its dual-stage augur system and like most horizontal juicers it’s best as extracting juice from tougher ingredients, such as leafy greens.

Product Video

Model NameCUBE300
Dimensions26.0 cm (D) x 26.5 cm (W) x 26.0 cm (H)
Speed80 RPM
Voltage220 - 240 V
Wattage200 W
Weight9.1 kg
Domestic Warranty15 Years